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  • No 340 / Japan
    Gast Japan Co.,Ltd
    [ Category no defined ]
    Manufacturing of functional parts, Proposal of high-tech functional parts, mark...
  • No 339 / Japan
    Hyoukaken Co.,Ltd.
    [ Category no defined ]
    Subcontracting of research, Testing, Development, Prototype machining in surfaci...
  • [ Category no defined ]
    Enomoto Kogyo are a leading manufacturer of order-made special purpose machine t...
  • [ Category no defined ]
    Assembly of control relay, Magnet switch, Solid-state CCT, Electronic device, Pr...
  • [ Category no defined ]
    Manufacturing our own products under Maruzen Brand, and supply our products as a...
  • No 332 / Japan
    Finesystem Co.,Ltd.
    [ Category no defined ]
    Design / Manufacturing of various types of equipment reliability evaluation.
  • [ Category no defined ]
    Kyokko Trading has fully equipped to supply repair and calibration service and t...
  • [ Category no defined ]
    Shinei Screen develop, design, and assemble display units and components.
  • [ Category no defined ]
    Design/Development, Prototyping, Production and services of electronic devices.
  • No 316 / Japan
    Mitsuba K.K.
    [ Category no defined ]
    KK trefoil (mitsuba Corporation) Technical strength and rich experience in the m...
  • No 311 / Japan
    R-DEC Co.,Ltd.
    [ Category no defined ]
    Distribution of ultra high vacuum (UHV) equipment, physical, chemical analytical...
  • [ Category no defined ]
    Manufacture and sale of filters, separators, pumps and other related equipment, ...
  • No 298 / Japan
    Koken Ltd.
    [ Category no defined ]
    Production and sales of occupational personal protective equipment, Oxilyzer, Ac...
  • No 293 / Japan
    Toyo Kagaku Co.,Ltd.
    [ Category no defined ]
    Manufacture and sales of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, over-the-co...
  • No 289 / Japan
    Fumin Co., Ltd.
    [ Category no defined ]
    Manufacturing & sales of agricultural materials, environment protection mate...
  •  Business Opportunities in Japan
  • Okinawa Special Economic Zone - A Business Paradise of Japan
  • International Logistics Hub Industry Development Zone, Okinawa

    • Oliac Japan Research Team
      03 Apr 2013
    • Business-friendly environment, comfortable living standards, schools, medical services and entertaining resorts.
    • The International Logistics Hub Industry Development zone (Former called as Special Free Trade Zone) is a "Special Economic Zone" where companies benefit from incentives like 40% taxable income deduction and bond system. In addition to that businesses can enjoy other attractive offers such as lease factories, subsidies to cover part of acquiring costs for land and buildings and other support programs.

      Benefits of Shifting Business in Special Economic Zone

      1) Lease Factories for General Manufacturing Industries:  Save your initial investment and lease the support facility and just start manufacturing.

      2) Lease Machine Part and Tool:  For molding and other industries of this kind can lease the tool required for manufacturing

      3) Business Location Support Center:  Center that provides assistance to companies operating in the area includes provision of information on local companies, support in coordination with local customs offices, acquiring certificates of origin, and related assistance.

      4) Location:  Located approximately five minutes from Naha Airport and 20 minutes from Naha Port by car. 

      5) Distribution Center:  The center can be utilized as a logistics hub connecting Okinawa and Asia, making use of Okinawa's geographical advantage being location in the center of Asia's major cities

      6) Subsidies:  Subsidies available for establishment and relocation of business, subsidies for employment and training, and subsidies for distribution costs

      7) Financing:  Industrial development loans, small- and medium-sized business loans and micro-business loan available

      8) Tax Incentives and Labor Cost:  Great tax incentives available that includes foreign good stored and manufactured with custom duty or consumption tax, 40% of income earned will exempted from corporate tax, other lower taxation and exemptions. Okinawa has lower labor cost as compare to Tokyo or other major industrial areas of Japan.

    • About Okinawa

      Japan acquired the island Liuqiu from Japan in 1879 and renamed it as Okinawa. 1945, USA started controlling the Island after WWII but return to Japan in 1972 with the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security. Today there are 14 US military bases in Okinawa.

      According to 2008, the population of Okinawa is around 1.3 million. Naha is capital. Average high temperature is recorded as 30.5 °C and average lowest temperature could be around 18 °C whereas much of the year is rainy and humid.

      Okinawa's GDP is 36 billion USD and ranked 38 (as of 2007). Annual tourist number is 5,934,300 (as of 2008) 

      Okinawa produces sugar cane, pine apple and papaya.

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  • Fascinating Kanagawa - Friendly Investment Environment
  • Attractive view of Kanagawa prefecture

    • Oliac Japan Research Team
      03 Apr 2013
    • A Prefecture - next to Tokyo, well connected through road, rail and air links, 3rd in population and accounts for 37% of Japan's economy.
    • Kanagawa prefecture is extremely important in Japan's economy. It has all what are considered vital for a growing business. Investing and locating in Kanagawa prefecture could lift your business up and may create further opportunities for expansion . Lets have a look in detail. 

      A) Excellent Transportation Environment - Well connected high speed rail network to reach of Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama and other major economic hubs, Tokyo International Airport just minutes away, and easy approach to two big port Kawasaki and Yokohama.

      B) Cost Performance and Human Resources - 30% less rental cost as compare to Tokyo, rather lower than other major Asian cities. With over 315,000 researchers and technician, Kawagawa can be the best place to hire world most well-trained human resources.

      C) Major Corporate Working - Japan's best corporate are deeply rooted in Kawagawa prefecture including Nissan Motors Co Ltd, Xerox and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Foreign companies like Moog Japan is also a big name that is part of a corporate cluster of Kanagawa. 

      D) Great Living Standards - What do you need? -  a good school, nice living apartments, shopping centers, place for recreational activities, beaches, hotels - all available with good number and high standards. Huge number of foreign nationals, 13 international schools and 42 medical facilities making Kanagawa the best place for you to invest and live.

      E) Subsidy programs - Kanagawa provides low-interest financing and tax incentives to companies that locate research facilities or plants in Kanagawa Prefecture.

      For more information, Invest Japan Business Support Center, Kawagawa is there to answer your queries.

      Ideal location of Kanagawa prefecture

      Population comparison of work major cities

    • About Kanagawa Prefecture

      Yokohama, Kanagawa's capital, and its largest city and second largest city of Japan by Population (3.7 million). Kanagawa's total population is 9.06 million.

      GDP of Kanagawa Prefecture is $307.6 billion which is greater than Thailand's GDP (263.8) and almost equal to Denmark and Argentina as of  2008 figures.

      Part of Greater Tokyo Area with 19 major cities including Kawasaki

      Around 37 major universities with science departments, and 14 stadiums or gymnasiums. Second biggest prefecture with number of researchers and technicians (315,482)

      275 foreign companies have their headquarters in Kanagawa.