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  • No 298

  • Koken Ltd.
  • Production and sales of occupational personal protective equipment, Oxilyzer, Acid-Electrolyzed Water Generator, Kami-Naishi, Automatic Endoscope Washer, Research and Incubation of Microorganism.
  • Location
    7, Yonbancho, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 102-8459, Japan
  • Company Profile

    Koken Ltd. is proud to be the leading manufacturer of respiratory protective devices in Japan. Never satisfied with this success, however, they are advancing into the fields of environment-preservation and medical-care industry, utilizing their unique technologies developed through a long period of R & D effort.
    President         Shinichiro Sakai
    Established     December, 1963
    Employees      211
    Capital              674 million yen
  • Services and Products

    KOACH, A Revolutionary Clean Zone Creator
    Disposable Type Particular Respirators
    Push-Pull Local Ventilation System
    Chemical cartride Respirators
    Supplied Air Respirators
    Particular Respirators
    Breath-Response PAPR
    Respiration Set
    Ear Plugs

    The detail of product can be seen on the following link
  • Services and Products (Translated)