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  • No 319

  • K Technology Corporation
  • Design/Development, Prototyping, Production and services of electronic devices.
  • Location
    325 Ganbara, Kami-machi, Kami-gun, Miyagi, 981-4263 Japan
  • Company Profile

    K Technology Corporation aims to be a company with a strong sense of professionalism that works on developing original technology and provides customers creative technological solution fast.
    President         Kazumasa Nomura
    Established     April, 2005
    Employees      655
    Capital             100 million yen
  • Services and Products

    Development and Design
    Circuit Design
    Parts Design
    Mechanical Design
    Software Design
    Circuit Board Design
    Packaging Design
    Flexible Production
    Cell Production Assembly
    Performance Inspections
    Service and Solutions
    Product Planning Support
    Marketing Support
    Product Business Support
    PPM Control Support
    Cost Reduction Support
    Procurement Agent

  • Services and Products (Translated)