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  • No 299

  • Ishigaki Company Ltd.
  • Manufacture and sale of filters, separators, pumps and other related equipment, marine propulsion units and waterjets, design and execution of water supply and sewage equipment and pumps.
  • Location
    1-1-1, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0031, Japan
  • Company Profile

    Ishigaki Company Ltd.  promotes all business activities by taking the global environmental preservation into consideration and provides customer satisfaction, equipment and services. They strive to continuously improve quality, at the same time give serious consideration to the customers opinion and manufacture products accordingly.
    President                Makoto Ishigaki
    Established            April 1958
    Employees             448

  • Services and Products

    Filtration, Solid/ Liquid Separation:
    Pressure Filter Press
    Screw Press
    Vacuum Drum Filter
    Water Filtering System
    Inboard units
    The detail of product can be seen on the following link
  • Services and Products (Translated)