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  • No 284

  • Yamazaki Co.,Ltd.
  • Design, manufacture and sales of various precision mechanical parts, Conveying equipment, Industrial robot devices, Multi-function tools coreless power generators, Micro hydroelectric system.
  • Location
    148-1 Mikitoji, Minamiku, Sakai city, Osaka 590-0154, Japan
  • Company Profile

    Yamazaki  has challenged for precision machine processing of various materials. They develop their new technologies and products with their innovative ideas.
    Established     December, 1967
    Capital             10 million yen
    Employees      12

  • Services and Products

    • Running water-based Micro-hydroelectric System
    • Streamline Track System with Carriers & Rail
    • Screw speed-increasing gear / reduction gear
    • Multi-function Tool
    • Flexing Conveyor
    • Transfer robot

  • Services and Products (Translated)