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  • No 204

  • Thinky Corporation.
  • Mixer Manufacturing and Processing Machinery company.
  • Location
    〒101-0032 7F, Imon Iwamoto-cho 2nd Building, 3-7-16 Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Company Profile

    Thinky Corp. was the first company to succeed in developing the stirring bladeless planetary centrifugal mixers used at NASA, Boeing, Pfizer, Mit, and countless other corporations, universities, research, and other organizations institutions around the world. Their mixers can even mix materials with a viscosity as high as 1 million micropoise in just a few minutes while deaerating them at the same time.
    President          Shigeharu Ishii
    Established      August, 1971
    Capital             192,892,000 yen
    Employees        96

  • Services and Products

    MixerPlanetary Centrifugal Vacuum Mixer / Thinky Mixer (vacuum type)
    Planetary Centrifugal Mixer / Solder Paste Mixer
    Standard containers and adapters
    Planetary Centrifugal
    Wet Nano Pulverizer
    Syringe Filler

    The detail of product can be seen on the following link
  • Services and Products (Translated)