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  • No 197

  • Takahama Industry Co.,Ltd.
  • Manufacture and sale of ceramic, environmental and industrial contribution machines and plants and forged products.
  • Location
    2-2-1, Hachiman-cho, Takahama, Aichi 444-1302, Japan.
  • Company Profile

    Takahama Industry.has continued as general maker of ceramics machinery equipment at home and abroad,  and specialty maker of forged products, with the motto, developing products answers the needs of age and customer-oriented service. Takahama Industry.has won admiration of auto manufacturer and the other related company and will attach the highest importance to protect the limited earth resource and the environment of the local community, and try to make a product, create corporate and build up man to contribute to society.
    President        Masaki Suzuki
    Established    October, 1959
    Capital             656 million yen
    Employees     175
  • Services and Products

    Industrial Machinery:
    Super Roller Mill / Stone Removal Machine
    Water Disposal / Sludge Dehydrator
    Other Industrial Machine
    Carbonizing Equipment
    Press of Roofing tile
    Other Industrial Press
    De-airing Extruder
    Roller Machine
    Mixing Pug Mill
    Box Feeder
    The detail of product can be seen on the following link

  • Services and Products (Translated)