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  • No 241

  • Taisei Giken Co.,Ltd.
  • Manufacturing and sales of Oil purifying systems, Oil-water separators, Water purifying systems, Gas purifying systems, Various purifying devices and filter elements.
  • Location
    〒121-0062 4-32-4 Minami-Hanahata, Adachi-Ku, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Company Profile

    We aim to be the No.1 manafacturer contributing to the safety of the global environment.We concentrate on achieving a strong sense of trust with the customer, and doing our best to ensure the customers satisfaction. We will constantly grow by overcoming all difficult challenges that we are faced with.
    Category       Components/Materials/Manufacturing technology
    President       Yoshitaka, Saito
    Established    June 19, 1986
    Capital           JPY 120,000.000

  • Services and Products

    Vacuum Industry Products:
    Equipment for Removing Powder from Gases
    Equipment for Separating Liquid from Gases
    Oil Water Separator
    Vacuum Components
    Oil Cleaner
    General Industry:
    Filter Elements / Housings
    Floating Oil Collector
    Supplementary Devices
    Oil Water Separator
    Oil Cleaner
    The detail of product can be seen on the following link
  • Services and Products (Translated)