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  • No 286

  • Sanno Tec Co.,Ltd.
  • Information processing, Patent and intellectual property management, Editing and creating of technical data, Development design and support, Temporary staffing, Eco Solution.
  • Location
    2-3-7 Chuo, Wako-shi, Saitama, 351-0113, Japan
  • Company Profile

    Sanno Tec has achieved many successes by aiming for giving shape to customers need through information filing, vehicle development support, patent search, sales of  Eco. related product etc. The driving force behind this is human quality and passion. They always continue to challenge toward to be a company society wants to exist.
    President            Shinichi Sakamoto
    Capital                 40,000,000 yen
    Established         September, 1981
    Employees          519

  • Services and Products

    Design/ Development Support
    Patent/ Intellectual Property
    Translation/ Interpretation
    Manpower Resource
    Information System
    Technical Writing
    Data Filing

  • Services and Products (Translated)