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  • No 235

  • Otowa Electric Co.,Ltd.
  • Total solution provider for all lightning protection products.
  • Location
    501-7 Miyanomae Fukushima Sanda Hyogo 669-1313, Japan
  • Company Profile

    It is at this time when the quality and reliability of electrical supply is critical in order to support a high networked information society. Two substantial changes therein information oriented societies, which are strongly dependant upon the reliability of electrical equipment. One is global warming, with worldwide effect of increasingly abnormal weather conditions, such as concentrated heavy rain and severe thunderstorms. With the changes in weather patterns, there will be an inevitable increasing incidents of lightning strikes, which are the archenemy of electrical installations.
    President         Osamu Yoshida
    Established     May 11, 1946

  • Services and Products

    LV MOV Rectangular shape Disks
    LV MOV Round shape Disks
    HV-MV MOV Disks
    The detail of product can be seen on the following link

  • Services and Products (Translated)