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  • No 285

  • KSK Co.,Ltd.
  • LSI , Software, Hardware, Customer service business and Data Entry.
  • Location
    1625-2, Momura, Inagi-shi, Tokyo 206-0804 Japan.
  • Company Profile

    KSK develops computer software for various systems related to telecommunication and Large Scale Integration. The Company provides data processing services for government and insurance group.
    Established      May 23,1974
    Capital               1,448 million yen
    Employees       1,633

  • Services and Products

    Hardware Business:
    (G/A,LSI,Circuit,PCB,Mechanism,Firmware) to prototype manufacturing & evaluation
    Network System Integration
    Computer System Integration
    From design
    LSI Business:
    System LSI/Analog LSI Development    
    Middleware/Firmware Design
    LSI Evaluation
    Software Business:
    Package-software Development & Sales
    Custom-made software Development
    Web System Development
    CAD System Development
    Customer Service Business:
    Call Center/Help Desk
    Engineering Support
    Employment Agency

  • Services and Products (Translated)