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  • No 261

  • Kowa Emtech Ltd.
  • Development of industrial robots, environmental equipment, auto coolant systems, planning, development, and design of machinery.
  • Location
    Kowa Bldg. 5-15-9, Hikino-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima 721-0942, Japan
  • Company Profile

    Kowa makes continuous advances in the pursuit of Know-how, Only one, wit, and ability in terms of machines, electrical control and biochemical technologies, information, economics, and the culture underlying social development. Kowa develops waste disposal equipment and energy-saving, resource saving, and labor-saving equipment for global environmental protection. Among others, Q pot system (Quick Suction Pot System), their internationally patented drain disposal system has no equal in the collection of floating substances and is a landmark piece of equipment. With these unique technologies, it contributes to the purification and recycling of water which covers the greater part of the earth.
    President        Hideo Yamamoto
    Established    May, 1991
    Employees      15
    Capital              10 million yen

  • Services and Products

    Mineral oil collecting equipment:
    Yutori Ace
    Grease Boy Ⅰ
    SL Separator
    Cooking oil collecting equipment:
    Zero Compo
    Floating substances collecting equipment:
    Scoop Robo
    Cutting fluid mixing equipment:
    Auto Mix
    The detail of product can be seen on the following link
  • Services and Products (Translated)