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  • No 280

  • Fullheart Japn Inc.
  • Manufacturing and testing of various automation and energy saving devices.
  • Location
    3-20-8 Chuoh Oota-ku, Tokyo 143-0024, Japan.
  • Company Profile

    Fullheart Japan & Harvest Japan has been devoted to the prosperity of the society and people through designing and production of various industrial computer controlled systems. They have been producing influential products of the controller industry under an established integrated system of designing, value adding and manufacturing in a package. It is always their utmost joy to precisely respond to the needs of our customers.
    President        Yoshihiko Kunihiro
    Established    1968

  • Services and Products

    Production of Control Panel
    Prodcut Sample
    Industrial Measuring Amplifier
    Auto Three Side Book Polisher
    Medicine Security Shelf
    Security Box System

  • Services and Products (Translated)