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  • No 247

  • Cosmo Science Inc.
  • Vacuum apparatus design and production.
  • Location
    Hiratsuka Factory 7-3-10 Shinomiya, Hiratsuka-city, Kanagawa-pref. 254-0014
  • Company Profile

    Cosmo Science Inc. pursue quality as a matter of course and has a strong will to complete the perfection by the consideration to the cooperation and the balance. And also, Cosmo Science would like to endeavour to meet demands of their customers developing our technology.
    President      Akinori Matsuo
    Capital         10 million yen
    Employees   137

  • Services and Products

    The piping design and construction for the vacuum apparatus side
    Vacuum apparatus consignment manufacturing
    Vacuum apparatus relocation construction
    Vacuum chamber and the piping production
    Vacuum apparatus design and production

  • Services and Products (Translated)