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  • No 45

  • Aichi Electric Co. Ltd.
  • Manufacturer of Transformers, Switchgears, Small Motors, and Mixers
  • Location
    1, Aichi-cho, Kasugai city, Aichi JAPAN
  • Company Profile

    Since the start of our business in 1942, Aichi Electric Co., Ltd. is supplying highly reliable transformers and control equipment for power and industrial use. In another business of small motors and electronic appliances, we are developing products to meet the needs of various fields of manufacturers.
    President         Isao Yamada
    Established     February 17, 1942
    Employees      762
    Capital            4053 million yen
  • Services and Products

    Notable products are
    1. Rocking Mixer Standard Type
    2. Rocking Mixer Liquid Adding Type
    3. Rocking Mixer Moisture Control Type

    The detail of product can be seen on the following link
  • Services and Products (Translated)