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  • No 375

    Photo Voltaic Power Generation / Systems
  • ADEKA Group
  • Plastic Additives & Oleo Chemicals, Electronic Industrial materials & Materials for Information Displays and recording medium, Processed Oil and Fats.
  • Location
    7-2-35 Higashi-ogu, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-8554, Japan
  • Company Profile

    ADEKA Group aims to always pursue the creation of unique and advanced technology and to become a technologically top-ranking corporate group with a presence in global markets. At the same time, one of our fundamental management policies is to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.Our new corporate motto is "Fusion for the Future". We will do our utmost to continually create new and advanced products through the fusion of diverse technologies with various characters.
    Established    January 27, 1917
    President        Akio Kohri
    Employees     2,920 (Consolidated)
  • Services and Products

    Chemical Products
    Polymer additives
    Pvc plasticizers/stabilizer
    It materials
    Semiconductor products
    Circuit materials
    Food Products
    Shortening  Products
    Margarines products
  • Services and Products (Translated)